Social Dinner & House Concert V

Rocking night with Lovesick Duo

🍝 Social Dinner:
Simple dishes with a bold flavour, strickly made with fresh seasonal ingredients.
Tasty traditional recipes, kneaded and cooked with wisdom, for the pleasure of body and soul. Because those who love themselves, also love good food.

đŸŽș House Concert:
Very pleased to hosted “Love Sick duo” for a dynamic evening. Rock’n’roll, country and bluegrass for an unexpected and unique concert.
And after the concert, one of the best Jam ever.

Lovesick Duo
Paolo Roberto Pianezza: vocals, guitar, and Lap Steel
Francesca Alinovi: double bass and voice

Social Dinner & House Concert X

An autumn night in Jazz

Autumn is just beginning and to celebrate it, we open the banquet with all the flavors that this new season offers.
A series of comfy tastings prepared with ingredients flavoured of woodland and fumings of nostalgia.
After dinner, a combo of very good musicians, active on the Florentine and extra-Florentine music scene, make our senses dance with a great jazz, funk, swing performance.

House concert & social dinner IV

Jazzy night with Talking Ties

🍝 Social Dinner:
At DaMe dinner we celebrate the sacred art of good food. Simple dishes with a bold flavour, strickly made with fresh seasonal ingredients.
Tasty traditional recipes, kneaded and cooked with wisdom, for the pleasure of body and soul. Because those who love themselves, also love good food.
đŸŽș House Concert:
A jazzy night with “Talking Ties”, the sparkling and fun Swing band.
Syncopated notes and rocking rhythms, back in time to the roots of the Swing Era.
A musical performance made of: a lot of swing, choral arrangements, personal dynamism, double bass, piano, drums, voice; blues, ragtime, gospel and the great classics of overseas jazz.
And as always DaMe, those who want to jam are always ready to start.
Federico Calabretta – Piano & voice
Bernardo Sacconi – Double Bass & voice
Giovanni Gargini – Drums & voice

Social Dinner & House Concert VIII

A night in folky blues

An evening full of magic and unexpected surprises.

14 guests arrived at DaMe from from Canada, Japan and Italy, 2 musicians who during the evening became 5, 5 years of love celebrated, 7 wines tasted, 5 courses, these are the numbers of a special evening.

All the rest is top secret.


DaMe DaTe II: Dinner & House Concert in Dannata Balera

Che notte in Dannata Balera

DaMe DaTe I: Cena & House Concert

A night at lucio's home.

Social Dinner and House Concert Summer Edition

Bluesy sunset on countryside

A super secret reunion in  garden with view over the enchanting scenery of the Florentine countryside.

A culinary experience dedicated to the strong flavors and simple recipes of the past, authentic flavors, ancient foods, those of memory but prepared according to very personal recipes.
A praise of simplicity, the flavour of the countryside and the power of embers.

At sunset, Folkey’s live concert, a musical project that proposes a journey through sounds that range from the blues of the origins of the Mississippi delta, to English and American folk ballads and country blues.
A spectacle of voice and strings, guitars, mandolin, dobro squareneck.

Social Dinner & House Concert IV

NightHawks Trio Live

Una cena di primavera cucinata con selezionate materie prime di stagione.
Piatti appartenenti a differenti tradizioni culinarie regionali italiane, cucinati con creativitĂ  e sorpresa.

Dopo cena, concerto Live:
Il progetto musicale NightHawks, il cui nome si ispira alla famosa opera di Edward Hopper, nasce dall’incontro di tre musicisti di diverso stampo:
Serena Moroni al violino, Pietro Guarracino alla chitarra acustica e Cosimo Ravenni al contrabbasso.
Il trio propone un repertorio strumentale che spazia dalle sonoritĂ  rievocative della tradizione d’oltreoceano, al folk di Mark O’Connor e Bela Fleck, al jazz di Path Metheny e Jean Luc Ponty.

Voce e chitarra: Pietro Guarracino
Violino: Serena Moroni
Contrabbasso: Cosimo Ravenni


Social Dinner & House Concert III

Soul Revolution Night

Un’ atmosfera calda ed accogliente, una tavola imbandita con gusto e delizie di stagione.

Dopo cena concerto live:

Quattro musicisti, due chitarre, un contrabbasso, sax e clarinetto. Una fusione di jazz e raggae, swing e groove, una performance ricca di sorprese musicali.
Una big jam dal ritmo incalzante, a colpi di riff e fiati.

Sax e Clarinetto: Alessandro Bosketto Bosco
Chitarra: Guido Masi
Chitarra: Piero Bongiorno
Contrabbasso: Alessandro Geri
Chitarra guest: Andrea Bellicoso

Social Dinner & House Concert II

The big reunion jam

Magnapasta+Jazzettino aka MagnaJazzettino Hot Quartet
Sax: Alessandro Bosketto Bosco
Drums: Luca Solini
Guitar: Andrea Bellicoso
Guitar: Stefano Colombi

The italian living rooms tour (with and by Filippo Dr. PĂ nico)

Rovinare Tutto

Filippo Dr. PanĂŹco is a punk singer-songwriter of Lucanian origin, but Roman by adoption. He mixes the most classic Italian singer-songwriter with a personal blood poetic and a direct and modern way of communicating. Istrian, romantic and irreverent.
Today is underway the “Tour of stays”, an intimate and poetic tour, more than 40 dates and continuously updated, throughout Italy.

Our living room could not let him escape.