Secret Supper with House Concert

Date and time

Sunday 04 September


Do you like authentic food, live music, and human-connection?

Do you like music, good food and meet new people?
Jump into a secret world full of magic and join us to enjoy the pleasure to meet each other, have a glass of wine and dinner together.

The door is open to new friends, artists and like-minded travelers:
a place where the passion for art, music and good living meets the passion for good cousine.

We’ll have a dinner based on typical Italian dishes cooked with high-quality fresh ingredients, love and research. In our idea the good food needs to be a soul cuddle.

After dinner, we will experience a live music performance given by talented local professional musicians.
It is the privilege of attending a secret show in a private house.

Every performance has its own unique flair and what we create together will always be one of a kind.
In an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, you can experience the authentic Italian art of enjoying life.

So lift your wine glass, toast to love and bring with you an unique memory.